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Welcome to Nets Data Suite developer page, which provides documentation, tutorials, and information about different products we have developed. Solid data composed out of millions of transactions from all Nordic countries and more to come. We have developed APIs, which can be used by merchants, issuers or business intelligence users to get an overview of their customers and their spending behavior for different scenarios. 

The APIs are continuously developed and improved with a user centric mindset, to make them as user friendly as possible. We encourage you to reach out and give us feedback so we can improve and together make the most out of the APIs. Please, have a look around and read more information about the APIs and corresponding documentations, to see if it could fit some of your needs. 

Our APIs


Market Insights

Based on all acquiring transactions in the Nordics, we have developed a service that allows merchants and business intelligence users to identify ongoing market trends in real time

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Merchant Insights

Merchant Insights provides you with deeper insights about your customers who has visited your physical or online stores. By analysing the acquiring data, Merchant Insights can provide you with quality data about your customers.

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